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Webs and fires - Poetry

originally published June 2, 2018

- Webs and fires -

I've been caught in a spiders web,

Which glittered in good lighting,

But bound me to my death,

there wasn't ever any hiding.

Death for my liquid soul,

For me as a being, as a whole.

Death for my power and my energy,

Because I was trapped in toxic synergy.

The strings of a web are fragile like glass.

Your power can be set free.

You only need to ask.

You need to look within and notice the bright light,

That has the power to burn every string

And hands your life this Glow from within.

So you fly freely with your owns wings.

Only remembering limiting strings.

Living your power and blooming your truth,

Because authenticity is the secret of youth.

- p l p 2018 


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