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Often, I am not brave enough...

Aktualisiert: 3. Apr. 2022

Often, I am not brave enough to say what I really feel and think. I rather hide behind stories and jokes, make details seem irrelevant, and act as if I was built out of cold stone, when in reality, my insides are mushy and warm.

Sometimes, I am not even brave enough to write down my thoughts and feelings... always trying to write things that are worthy of being read.. always trying to sound smart — what a foolish and silly thought. I am 25. Of course, I don't sound wise. I shouldn't have to. I should instead sound honest…I think.

Recently, I even struggled to allow myself to think what I feel, and feel what I feel — not in the way of punishing or pushing away feelings and thoughts (often they are pleasant feelings. So, why would I?!)

It is more of a kind of laziness... the low stamina to continuously remind myself of allowing silence. It's the missing practice to endure and enjoy the quiet and create enough space for my emotions and thoughts to unfold. It is so easy to constantly fill the silence with noise and forget that I have enough to listen to inside myself.

Well…regardless. In the last days, I felt lots of gratitude - next to other things; gratitude for the people in my life, the support that I have, and most of all, gratitude that I got taught—or learned along the way—to forgive and to love. I am grateful that I can feel love and know that I am loved.

Love often doesn't make sense, especially to those who aren't involved—it doesn't have to, anyway.

Love can wilt like a flower but come back to life, too.

Love is the most beautiful thing in this universe, and I am incredibly privileged to love and be loved.

No matter what the world is going through…this thought brings me peace…nothing else matters at the end of the day. Remember that from time to time, and be brave enough to tell the people you love how you feel about them.


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