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To my love - Poetry

originally published january 11, 2018

To my love. 

Oh, how deeply does my heart belong to you. 

How truly you are my love. 

I can't remember the first time I saw you or the first time I was gifted with your presence - your first touch, the whisper of your voice. 

But that doesn't matter, because we always shared the same essence.

My soul always belonged to you, and every time your soft touch soothes my senses I return.  

I know you since I am really small. 

I felt this magnetic pull towards you as long as I can remember.

I always felt this sense of belonging and safety when my eyes were finding yours.  

You always had this paralyzing energy about you. I just can't resist.

Any moment I am far from you I am dreaming of your blue eyes, your smell, the way you play with my hair as if I was a mermaid and how beautiful and whole I feel by your side and in your arms. 

You are my definition of beauty, my definition of home, of healing and rising. 

You are the embodiment of softness and love 

and at the same time, you are not afraid to roar louder than any lion and express the power and energy that is living inside of you. 

My heart tickles when you gently stroke my skin and lovingly awaken my senses.

You give me the comfort to step into my own healing power, my true goddess self and free myself from any layer that does not serve me any longer.

I feel so carried in your cooling, strong arms when you rock me from side to side and suck out all bad and heavy to hand it on and cleanse it for the good.

Immersed in your presence, your salty touch lingering over every inch of my skin, I feel so light.

 I feel so present. 

I feel so home.

 Just as your calm, soft and feminine side,  your scary and robust side makes me feel alive. 

The power you embody brings me straight into presence.

The roar and pull of your strong arms into the open ocean sharpen my senses and push me to be aware. 

Something so beautiful can pull you into getting lost so easily.

You have the power to swallow me and never give me back to this world - but you don't, because I listen.

I listen to your voice, and I cherish your danger. 

You carry more secrets than I could ever know and you carry all of mine. 

You are so pure and sacred. I can show you every side of mine. 

So many times you have been the refuge for my tears, the witness of my happiest moments, the hope in moments of feeling scared and lost.

You are the most beautiful view and just like air for my lungs. 

You carry so many stories and so much live, nothing can come close to you. 

you are infinite, mysterious, magical, healing 

you are my love, my home, my happy place. 

Dear Ocean, thank you for everything.


in Love 



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