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originally published 28 February 2018 


This world Asks for us to pour.

To pour, to pour, to pour.

This world asks for us to give us all and more.

We seem like little flickers,

only there to light the Night.

So, some of us can Bath

in soothing candle light.

But we are not just flames to serve,

Not only here to work.

A fire only burns 

when it has something to be nourished.

So stop.

Stop, little Flame

and acknowledge your light.

You shine so beautiful and bright.

Do it for yourself

and nourish good your stem,

'Cause the Beauty in your Fire

is the unique Flame you have.

Stop ,little Flame

and pour light for yourself,

So your Soul that shapes your Fire

can come Alive and Dance.

This world has flames enough

that burned 'Till they were dead.

This world has flames enough

That always were Aushamed

and though Their dreams were mad.

Stop, little Flame and breath in your light

Nourish yourself, so you can shine bright,

'Cause this world has its darkness

But you are so pure. 

Shine for yourself

and you will See the light cure

All the darkness Around and all the hopeless souls

will be lit by your Love

and for the authentic whole


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