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Poem: The ocean is alive

originally published 16 January 2016

hey peeps, sorry for my absence the last weeks! I had to deal with a lot of emotions storming around in my heart and my brain and also recover my body from the heat. But now I am refreshed again and want to spent more time for creative things, such as my book and blog. To begin with and before I update you on more stuff here is a little poem, which popped up in my mind this morning.

It is my first ever try in english poetry so bare with me but enjoy xxx 

The life is an ocean,

so wild and so free. 

The life is an ocean, 

no ends you can see. 

The life is an ocean 

mysterious but mild,

it' never be tamed

it' never be quiet.


The life is an ocean,

trust in its waves.

They carry you far,

as long it will take.

The life is an ocean 

and you are as well. 

The waves and the shore 

the taste and the smell. 

The deepness can fear you, 

but trust in its will.

The blue is your blanket 

may warming, may chill 

The life is an ocean 

and you are alive.

So you are the ocean 

and it is alive. 

- Pauline lP



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