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originally published March 14, 2018

A poem a wrote in the first weeks of my time on Oahu, Hawaii 

we lost our hearts in liquid gold 

flowing through our veins. 

the love around us, entering souls 

and guiding us so safely. 

whatever we were asking for 

kept flying to our lives. 

and we gave back with all we could 

sending shining vibes. 

there is no words to touch this magic. 

no poem ever could hold this love. 

only hearts know what did happen, 

and what this place still holds for us. 

we are lost in liquid love, 

not looking for a port to stop. 

we keep flying high in trust, 

and give what we have got. 

we are the ocean, the moon and the sun

creatures built of light with stars in our lungs. 

returning to what we’ve always been 

resting our souls in this magical sea. 

- Pauline la petite 2018 


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