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Oahu magic - Poetry

originally published 20 January 2018

These past months of returning have taken away times substance. A day can feel like a second and a minute like a lifetime. My practice is nowhere near perfect. I get sucked up in my thoughts and worry about things that will never happen or already happened.

But I am aware, and again and again and again and again I find myself in this present moment, 

in the endless truth of stillness.

In these moments I feel as if eternity is breathing my lungs and my skin is dissolving into nothingness, allowing myself to merge with the whole.

In these moments my heart expands into infinity, and the love and gratitude that is pulsing through my veins and beyond is so much more than I could ever grasp.

I get lost. I am sad. I have fear. But just as well as that I find a connection.

I trust. I fly. I live my dream and purpose, and I allow the goddess inside myself to come alive and shine, so her light can illuminate whatever touches her.

Thank you, that I find the strength to shad all the layers that covered and cover the light of my soul and step into my true light. Thank you that I am allowed to inspire others to come alive. 

And thank you Hawaii for being home of my soul and nourishing my heart with comfort and trust. 


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