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originally published April 2, 2018

So, this is not another post in which I am explaining what kind of diet is healthy or not.

I believe there are enough resources out there in the wide world of the internet with which you can easily decide for yourself what you think is healthy or not. 

Also, please DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING Media, some doctor or influencer is telling you. 

The food industry extremely manipulates the health facts and food advertisements.

Do your research, read your books, and most importantly !!


Feel what makes you feel alive and vibrant and makes you look glowy and healths and notice what doesn't. 

I personally chose to eat only plant-based foods and within that as many unprocessed whole foods as I can.

Besides that, I try to stay away from sugar most of the time, and I am intolerant to any kind of oil, so that is not on my menu either. 

Eating that way makes me feel my best and has been really helping in healing my body, and also helps me gradually moving towards optimal health - physically and mentally. 

This way of choosing my food has developed over the past years, and I am still experimenting a lot to find out for myself what makes me feel best and what better to not chose for my body. 

So with that, I already am getting to my first point... 



Most people "want" to eat healthy because they want to lose weight, be skinny, be fit, be pretty...etc ... etc. 

Our society tends to make us believe that our self-worth is attached to outer circumstances such as our appearance.

Let me tell you, your self-worth is untouchable and also if you can't find it in yourself you will never find on the outside. 

Believe me; I was the fittest I have ever been and did beach modeling in Sydney...

But my self-esteem was low AF.

Now I am not as skinny and toned anymore, but I love myself for who I am and feel most energized, free and happy in a long time and that is how you want to approach it. 

When you chose to be healthy because you believe a change in our outer appearance will change your inner world -

yes, do eat healthy because it helps to clear the mind and to get you into better health 

 BUT look for another solution for the mental and emotional problem and try to approach this mind structure from within, because this is the only way and working from the outside will never bring you longterm improvement and happiness.  

Eat healthy because you want to FEEL your best because you want to appreciate the human vessel of flesh which carries you around this world and makes sure that the motor runs smoothly and it stays fresh for long. 

This mindset will make you walk this way WAAAYYY longer because the intention is less superficial. 

Focus on the health and feeling part, because when you get in touch with yourself and find an authentic way of living that attunes with your physical body you will automatically get into the most optimal shape your body can be and glow from health. 


There are about a million different opinions on what is healthy and not. But every belief that you hear from somebody else is information they believe to be true because they either are paid or experienced it on their own bodies.

Fact is, our bodies and lifestyles are so different from each other.

So, of course, as in everything, there is no "One size fits all" in a world of individuals. 

So my tip for you is to go on a journey with YOUR BODY,

be curious and observe. T

Take in information from resources and people but don't just swallow.

Try it out, be critical, find out for yourself what does work for you?

What makes you feel great?

What makes you feel bad? Etc...

Trust in your bodies signals. 

This system is so much smarter than we think and when you learn to listen to it, it tells you exactly what it needs to thrive. 

3. Sustainability (Balance and fun) is key ! 

As I said before, there is a million opinions and diets out there...

But why do none of these work? 

It's all quick fixes. 

We always want solutions NOW and ASAP.

But that is not how our body works. 

I can promise you, and you can see it all around you: quick fixes do backfire.

So when you decide to do changes in your diet ask yourself again: 

Am I doing this to feel good or look good  ?

( a person that feels good and healthy looks good and healthy)

Do I want to be doing that 50 years from now ? 

If the answer to that is no, you know that your diet choice is not sustainable and earlier or later you will brake. 

Calorie restriction is the best example of it.

Yes, it will maybe work for a while, but hunger is a signal your body can't tolerate. 

It will suffer under your willpower for a while, but at some point, it will get what it needs to stay alive, and binge eating is the result to this physical dilemma you are putting your body in.

So instead move more slowly, look for the sustainable health, not for the quick fix, and in the long run, you will be more healthy, happy and beautiful than with any diet out there. 

Besides that, you need to believe that you are putting everything with best intentions in your body. Because you LOVE IT.

Because you want to do good for it!

With believing in your best intentions and in your bodies ability to thrive and glow, you are getting one step closer to your goal, because you indeed can change the aim and structure of your food only by thoughts ( water crystal experiment - more info in my "inspiration list post"). 

That also means, have a treat now and then, but when you have it ENJOY and CELEBRATE it instead of beating yourself up in your mind.

This is balance, and this is self-love - 

Yes, this is much harder than signing up for a weight loss program but this will not only improve your health and looks sustainably, but your relationship to yourself and your life quality. :) 

I hope I was able to send some inspiration or help your way with these tips, which I find really helpful. They do work great for me in working on getting closer and closer to my optimal health, feeling energized to do everything I want in my life and having fun during the process. 

xxx Mahalo 


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