Hi. I am Pauline,
a child of the ocean, the moon and the sun. 

"Hi, I am Pauline. 

I am a writer, illustrator, yoga teacher and traveler. 

I am an expert in nothing, but curious about everything. 

I haven't yet figured out how life works, but I am trying my best to learn more every day. 

I left the country I grew up in to get lost in all different kinds of places and experience myself. 

This journey has been rocky and breathtaking… It still is. 

I have lost and found myself in countless strangers eyes and peoples hearts, in the shore break of sandy coastlines, and the darkness of clear night skies, in the feeling of cold wind caressing my skin and the touch of a lovers' lips. 

 This blog is part of my story;

of how I am finding my path and place in this world; 

The story of a girl stepping into her authentic, powerful, soft self;

of a writer spreading the message that has been acing in her heart forever; 

of a traveler exploring this planet and making friends with the unknown. 


Thank you for being part of this journey. "

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