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"Hi. I am Pauline,
a child of the ocean, the mountains and the sun." 

I am a writer, illustrator, concept creative, yoga teacher, trailrunner, sports model, and adventurer....but most of all I am a young woman figuring out life. 

Years ago, I left the country I grew up in and went on a journey of exploration - internally and externally. 

Back then, I promised myself that I would live this life with the goal to experience as much as possible—on all levels—and write about it. 


Since then, it has been an incredible adventure. 

I have lost and found myself in countless strangers' eyes and peoples hearts, 

in the shore break of sandy coastlines, and the darkness of clear night skies, 

in the feeling of cold wind caressing over mountain summits and the arms of friends. 

My adventure is a tale of becoming friends with the unknown, overcoming obstacles, finding comfort in discomfort, and expressing truths creatively. 


You are part of it now.

Thank you.

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