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Pauline comes from a background of over ten years of competitive and later professional contemporary dance. 

At the age of 12, Pauline got introduced to the practice of  Yoga Asana.

Pauline self-studies extensively in the fields of mental and physical health, meditation, Yoga, spirituality, and personal development. She got introduced to many of these subjects from an early age. 


Pauline started practicing Yoga Asana daily at the age of eighteen, during her time at the dance academy "Varium - Espai de Moviment" in Barcelona. 

2017/2018 Pauline attended two Yoga teacher trainings in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Koh Phangan, Thailand. 


Pauline has taught and assisted Vinyasa, Yin and AcroYoga in: 

  • Yoga Studios (YogaHuset Aalborg), 

  • Surf Camps (Pure Surfcamps, Progress r Surfhostel, Surfblend Surfcamp) 

  • Yoga Teacher Trainings (Path of Yoga) 

  • Workshops/ Events (InnYoga Wasserburg, YogaHuset, Moliets-et-Maa).

Pauline has experience in teaching in German and English, after teaching in Thailand, Germany, U.S.A. (Hawaii, California), France, Australia, Morocco, and Denmark. 


Moving the body is celebrating its abilities.

Her personal practice is a balanced combination between:

  • High-intensity sports (Intervall Trailrunning)

  • Endurance exercises (road cycling, hiking, running)

  • Body controlling/mindful movement practices (dance, pilates, yoga)

  •  AND everything else that brings her joy (surfing, skating, ACROYoga, walks in nature, ski touring, and more) 


Movement is medicine. 

Pauline aims to move her body every day, always depending on her bodies needs.

She believes training the body in various qualities, intensities, and movements to enable the mind and body to stay flexible and easily adaptable for change, to be essential for optimal health. 

She incorporates this philosophy into her Yoga classes. She presents as much mental and physical variety and challenge as possible (in the frame of the students' abilities). 


Pauline practices Yoga, meditation, and gratitude (journaling) daily to connect with herself and her creative flow. 



Pauline's teaching mainly focuses on a creative Vinyasa flow with a balanced focus between correct physical alignment and moving energy to break down blockages in all body levels (physical - mental - emotional - energetical- astral). 

She likes to combine traditional Yoga Asanas to a creative flow underlined with contemporary music to deepen sensations and help students to get into the flow and into their bodies. 

Fun, strength, stability, and flexibility are the focus of her AcroYoga classes. She also focuses on the beauty of trust and connecting with a partner during AcroYoga and how healing human touch and weight shifting can be for us. 



 Contemporary Dance

 Dance Academy "Varium - Espai de moviment" Barcelona


 200hr Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher 

 200hr YTTC with YOGA ALLIANCE (with Path of Yoga, Chiang Mai) 


200hr Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher multi style 


in Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, SUP Yoga, (with Ulu Yoga, Koh Changan) 


Basic DNA Theta Healing 

assisted a Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 with Path of YOGA 


Where to practice?  

Classes & Workshops 

Please contact me or visit my Instagram for updates on where and when you can take Yoga classes with me. 

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