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Letter to myself

originally published june 7 2017

A special friend told me some month ago,when I was spilling my heart to him that I have to forgive myself. I need to forgive every person, but especially myself to truly find love and acceptance in my heart. 

I never doubted his words but it took me some more month to actually being able to forgive. To forgive people of my past and myself.  

But some days ago I wrote this letter to myself. Sitting in the forest all by myself feeling so blessed and calm. 

I was able to say I forgive you and I love you to myself the first time in my life meaning it and it was one of the most beautiful and releasing moments ever. I am incredibly blessed by a really special group of friends and an  amazing family  and many opportunities to travel that all push and guide me. I want to be your friend and your family by sharing. This letter is extremely personal and I know I make myself incredibly vulnerable sharing this. But my experience on this blog with all of you has been so deeply loving and caring that I have no fear and I really hope and want to help anyone out there to forgive themselves and make themselves free from all the pain and punishment. 

you have the birthright to be happy .

you have the birthright to be free .

letter to myself : 

Dear you, 

Dear beautiful young woman, lost little girl and loved creature of this planet. 

I just wanted you to know.. 

I forgive you and I love you. 

I forgive you for suppressing your true light for many years. 

I forgive you for being so filled and blinded by fear and doubts you were never able to see your true beauty.

I forgive you for losing yourself in the external world and hurting yourself over and over and over again, by running after shallow sources of validation because you were too trapped to see this divine woman in yourself. 

I forgive you for hating your looks. 

I forgive you for all the harsh words you were saying to yourself.  I forgive you for pushing your negativity on to others, because you weren't honest enough to yourself so you could see that it was your own pain and fear. 

I forgive you for all the punishments you were doing to you. 

I forgive you for surprising your feminine energy, for working against your true inner self and for pretending you were somebody you were not. 

I forgive you for pushing away people you love because of your numbness, fed by fear. 

I forgive you for caging you away from love because fear was eating you up from the inside and you couldn’t let go of control. 

I forgive you my girl. 

I forgive you for everything. 

Thank you. 


I love you for every mistake and every path you took. 

I love you for every human you attracted into your life.

I love you for every inch of your body, for every curve, every bump, every bone, every hair. 

I love you for your heart and the infinite source of love lying in there. 

I love you for letting this young sad girl become free, little by little.

I love you for making yourself free from doubts and fears, realizing that they are illusions and make space for love and the divine in yourself. 

I love you for your voice and that you make it  being heard to share this beautiful journey with people who get touched by it and radiate to this vibration. . 

I love you for letting yourself smile.

I love you for letting the kid inside of you live and just do weird things that are part of you. 

I love you for listening to the whisper inside your heart and the courage to believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and stick to your passions. 

I love you for letting you be you. 

I love you for standing beside you. 

I simply love you. No „if“ no „when“ no „but“ 


You are beautiful 

you are free 

you are strong 

you are feminine 

you are light 

you are the universe

you are you. 

thank you 

love Pauline 


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