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Aktualisiert: 23. Mai 2020

TW: sexual abuse

I was 14 when I was sexually abused. I have never shared this publicly. Therefore it fucking scares me. But I have carried shame for a crime that I have not committed myself for way too long. It did not happen in a dark dangerous ally, nor by an old creepy man. Rape does not always happen in ways media portrays it. Realising what happened and understanding it is Not your fault is so fucking hard, especially when victim shaming is so present in our society. But I am done. My silence has numbed and hurt me and protected him for way too long. The trauma of that incident has shaped my life and the person I am today. But even though experiences like that are horrible beyond words. This is not everything I am. This is not everything you are. Not even close. Whatever was taken from me that night is not going to keep me from living freely, happily and guilt free. When you made a mistake, live up to it and apologise. When your body has been violated and your soul hurt, make space for your emotions and do whatever you need to heal. Sexual violence needs to stop. It is not the victims fault, it never was, it never will. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of justice, safety and equality.


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