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I miss you guys

originally published 19 January 2017

this is to all the special people in my heart to simply say thank you.  thank you for being the part of my life you are.  I can’t describe how happy it makes me feel when  I hear a voice, I haven’t heart in a long time. Read or write a message to somebody I haven’t had contact with in a while. Or see and touch a body I missed for a period of time. When either of these happen the energy which flows through us is beautiful. The relativity of time becomes real and you notice how the world has changed but your connection is still the same because it is real.  Conversations are deep. emotions are raw. Words are actions. and Trust is unbreakable.  True friendships and love can’t be found anywhere but everywhere. It doesn’t matter what age, what colour, what gender but once you feel this deep connection, don’t let it go because that is pure energy and beauty of life!  It is simple and it will last  I am thinking of my loved ones the last days a lot of send you a lot of fairy dust!  It is not my time to come back yet, there is much more to discover. But my heart is always with you  and I thank you and the universe to be part of my life ❤ Thanks guys


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