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Have you ever felt alive?

Have you ever felt the last sun rays kissing your skin before the orange fireball drops into liquid silver and gives away for the moon and its friends to shine?

Have you ever felt salty lips loving your skin and fingers exploring curves and lines to read the stories your body has to tell?

Have you ever touched hair that had lost its color to the bright day light and skin that was darkened by a beach life?

Have you ever felt the lightness and carefreeness of a wave carrying and hugging you?

Do you know drunk smiles and rustling laughs under star clear skies and rhythmic waving arms?

Have you ever felt bubbles in your blood when a lover touches you in a way that makes you feel enough?

Have you ever found yourself being immersed in the present so profoundly that it feels like waking from a dream while being awake?

Have you ever felt summer in your heart?

Have you ever felt freedom in your gut?

Have you ever felt intimacy in your eyes?

Have you ever truly felt alive?

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