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Green World - Poetry

originally published June 2, 2018

- Green world -

I've come across so many lifes,

that touched my soul and heart.

I've come across so many lifes

that ripped reality apart.

But the star world shining in your eyes

is different to what I've known.

They shine so bright without a name,

they need No words to glow.

I could get lost in your eyes - entirely, fully

Without ever coming back.

I could get lost with your hands touching my neck.

But not lost in a dark confusing way.

Lost that dissolves the ego and gets resistance out of your name.

Lost in this real form of feeling the now.

Your green world sucks me in

and still leaves me in my presence.

So that I can feel my honest essence.

The love and energy that drives me home me dreams

... wherever we go.


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