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Expression - Poetry

originally published April 5, 2018

- Expression -

Expression is my artform.

Expression is my drive.

Expression is my love, my purpose, my air to breath to feel alive.

There is a million words out there

created with some letters.

I always thought I could describe

anything that mattered.

But lately, I come to realize, 

that not the constellation of letters hold the magical inspiration I desire.

It's the emotion behind, that keeps the energy of the higher.

Lately, I come to realize that there isn't a word for everything.

So glad I am that my heart can free itself through dancing.

So I can try to express the feeling

 that arises in my being

and set free the energy

which feels so god damn freeing.

And maybe one day

there will be a word to collect what I am experiencing in this being, 

So i can write it down

and preserve the truth that my heart is allowed seeing.

- apr. 2018 PlP

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Brian Bray
Brian Bray
Feb 27, 2020

Love the poem. Life is energy. How we show it. How we use it.

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