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originally published March 3, 2019


The following text is not an original. I found a screenshot of it on Instagram a few days ago.

I feel like Eliza-Lou-Riley 's (tumblr account) words are so powerful that I wanted to share them on my blog. 

Enjoy x  

Boys, protect girls.

Call people out when they make offensive jokes. Stand up to those who treat girls like objects. Walk a girl home if she feels unsafe. Listen to them and be considerate of their feelings. Destroy that myth that women are inferior. 

Girls, protect boys.

Call people out when they make fun of a boy for showing emotion. Stand up to those who tell boys to „man up.“ 

Support boys who enjoy feminine things. Destroy the myth that men can't be victims and that women can't be predators. 

Boys, protect boys.

Protect your bros from violent relationships. Comfort your bros when they need somebody. Stand up for your bros who are ridiculed for not wanting/liking sex. Destroy the myth that two men can't be close without it being „gay.“ 

Girls, protect girls.

Defend sisters who enjoy having sex. Stand up to those who define sisters for what they wear. Dont judge your sister’s worth from how many boyfriends she’s had. Destroy the myth that girls have to constantly compete with each other.

** original picture here** 


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