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originally published 8 march 2018


Soft sunshine silently kisses away the darkness, 

that covered nature during the moonlight hours 

and melts sleepy dust in bunnies eyes. 

It whispers birds songs in their throats 

and strokes  flowers to wake them up,

so they gaze towards him, start to sing to all the bees

and colour this round ball of water and dust 

which we call home for this experience. 

I awakes me too. 

the sunshine and colors around me

awaken the light and tones that form my soul 

and remind me that

I am here 

to shine brighter than the sun, 

because he is here to lift us up 

never push down. 

to inspire and remind us of our inner light and power

Rise little sunflower in all our hearts 

we are here to shine. 

we are here to glow

we are here to love 

we are here to show... 

that life is learned through loving and surrender  so the universe can life inside you

and its power may shine through your eyes and glow

so every heart around you gets illuminated and remembered of its own light like the world gets 

when the sun rises 

every morning 

- pauline la petite 2018


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