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4 reasons why traveling will improve your life

originally published 11 February 2018

Over two and a half years ago I stepped onto a plane and moved country for the first time in my life, all by myself. I was 18, lost, messy, and just craving for answers. I had no idea where this journey would take me, but my heart was telling me that it was time to leave and to explore this planet by myself. 

I got lost and lost again in sad ways, beautiful ways, exciting ways, scary ways, sick ways, and messy ways...

But today.. after 21 countries an not even 21 years, I can feel how my heart is nourished by places I have seen, people I have met, hearts I connected to, the knowledge I have gained and love I have discovered. 

Traveling to me and the most precious gift life has to offer us in this time of age. 

So I want to share with you why I think traveling is the BEST thing you could ever do in your life. 

traveling pushes you to grow in ways nothing else does. 

What I get to hear a lot is: „What you are only 20? You seem so much more mature.“ 

I do not tell you that to brag or whatever, but to tell you that I think sometimes I seem older and as if I had more life experience then my young 20 years because I pushed myself hard in many ways.

Traveling was one of the most significant lesson givers ever! 

When you get to decide everything yourself at the age of 18 because you are alone in a foreign country you need to take responsibility.

When you are by yourself far away from home, do not know the language or a single person you do learn a lot about yourself.

When you are sick, and nobody is there to take care of you because everybody is a plane ride away, you learn to deal with shit.

When all and everything you can trust is your gut feeling you learn what Intuition is and feels like and you learn how to connect with your heart to keep you safe and sound. 

YES, some or many of these experiences weren’t the most enjoyable at the time but looking back the hard times were there most enriching, as I got to learn things, people, my age would never do when they stay at home in their comfort zone. 

there is a place out there where anybody feels at home

since I am young, I never felt as If I belonged to the country I was born in.

Since I am a child, I craved traveling and going to France whenever, as my dad is from there.

Feeling like the odd one out can make yourself question your self-worth and making you believe you are worth less than others, just because you a different.

But I promise you:


And I promise you: in this world are 7.4 billion people and 195 countries -

There is a place, and there are humans just like you, that share the same love like you, the same passion as you, a place where you feel like you want to grow old and a place where people do not judge you for the decisions you take.  

Expanding your radius of life expands the abilities for you to explore and grow in yourself. 

There are always two choices in life: 

Accept what you can't change  OR  Change what you can't accept. 

So when you aren't happy in your life and the place you are in at this very moment... There always are two choices. 

The hardest step is to buy the plane ticket but as soon as you start walking, you will feel the wind in your hair, and you get the chance to be surprised by how beautiful the unknown is as soon as you get to know it and how there really is a place for everybody on this planet to be happy and feel like home. 

distance becomes subjective 

Just a few years ago Europe seemed big to me, and my family in France seemed as if they were super far away. When you start having this whole planet as your playground and a 5-hour plane ride becomes like a drive into town nothings seems far or impossible anymore.

To me, as the distance becomes subjective and nothing on this planet seems far away anymore, my outlook on life changed too.

Nothing seems too far, or too challenging to achieve anymore.

The whole world is open, and I can live WHEREVER I want to.

Having this broad view and openness to adventures and dreams becomes beneficial in many other ways of life too, as boundaries you set yourself start to break down naturally and your ability to dream big and grow more increases. 

So there is to say, and history shows that people who travel a lot are more likely to reach higher goals and become more successful simply by their way of perceiving (their own) limits and what is possible in this world. 

You get to know the importance and essence of real human connection.

When you step out of your comfort zone and leave home, you will notice how relationships change -

Because you do change. 

Some people notice how their radius of friends gets smaller, but also the remaining friends become a substantial part of your heart as the connection you share with them is more profound and real. 

I have talked about this in another post HERE

But also what you learn is that we as humans rely on other beings. I can't count to souls that have crossed my path and carried me through my travels.

Especially in Australia when I was alone and often lost, incredible strangers just helped me and opened their hearts to me. And also in Hawaii, it was incredible to see how many people just let us stay in their homes and became friends with us.

Experiencing humans generosity and kindness changes your perception of our species, you gain more friends and by receiving so much love and help you automatically become more aware of your actions and more motivated to give back to the world as you are gifted with so so much. 

Traveling has so so so many more benefits, and I can't stress enough that I believe it is the

best thing you could ever do with your life !! I do not think that I will ever stop... 

But these were the one that seemed most worthy to share to me this time. I hope you enjoyed it and feel like hopping around the globe a little bit more now.

Sending lots of love your way! 



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