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Update: 1 month in Sydney

originally published 7 november 2016

Oh my God I can't believe it !! Today exactly 1 month ago I arrived totally exhausted, without any plan in Sydney! I always dreamed about  living in Australia and now I am actually doing it! The first time was a little bit tough until I kind of sorted myself out and settled down in this beautiful city, but I fell in love with it the first sight. Now I am just so happy I can't even describe it! I feel like the happier I am to be here, the more motivated I am to do things, the more happens, the more I am doing, the more there is to be happy about! It's this incredible cycle of good energy, which makes me kind of high - and I missed that since Barcelona SO MUCH! I feel like ME and my inspiration are coming back to me :)) 

I feel so blessed to be able to experience everything that I am experiencing and I am so grateful for everything I learn and every step I take on growing as a person. Before I get into really updating you guys on what I have been up to, I just want to encourage every single one of you to LISTEN TO YOUR GUT and do what you truly desire from the bottom of your heart!

I will write more in-depth about it because I think it is a really important topic, but just know that everything is possible! It may sounds cheesy and you might think "Yeah she can do it but I don't"  But that is not true! The only person that holds you back is you. This high feeling of good energy, motivation and happiness is reachable for everyone. You only have to take the step and do what your soul desires, regardless of what others think of it. And as I said before, when you get on your right treck, everything just seems to fall into place and keeps on rolling. 

So - know to the actually update. So much happened the last two weeks that I will just give you a quick run down. 

So I really settled into my apartment in Rosebay and got to know my roommate much better, we get along together really well and she showed me some absolutely beautiful costal walks just in front of our home (Hermitage Forshore Walk, Watsonsbay). I applied for a loooot of different jobs and luckily have a trial tomorrow morning for a really nice place ( thanks to Tom ;)!! ) Wish me luck! I am feeling so good about this Café! Besides that I did some workout classes and started proper dancing again, at Sydney Dance Company. It makes me so happy to work with amazing choreographs again and regaining my technique and passion for dance. 

I also signed up for a design-port-folio workshop at Sydney Design Academy to get me going in that Area. But not only there I am kicking off my creativity! My writing is going really well and I am super happy about that. Sitting by the Ocean, watching the sunset and being creative is like a drug for me <3 

Besides that I had a couple of shooting requests, on which I will update you soon. Because of that I was kind of motivated to try to apply for agencies here in Sydney and I actually got some response. So today I was meeting one agency and it felt really good, so fingers crossed that it turns out to be amazing! 

Also I just can't wait to get on a surf board, so asap I have sorted out my job situation I am going to book a surf camp :)) 

The only down side to all of the good is that I still sometimes have some days where I just feel super tired and totally energyless but I think I will sort that out.

I hope you have a lovely day and I send you lots of sun from down under, to where ever you are in the world 

cheers xxx 


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