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Shop my postcards and save the ocean !

WOW! How exciting is that ?! 

I can't believe that I finally get to share with you what I have been working on since this summer. 

Today, I released two different postcards that I hand-illustrated, pouring all my love into them. 

The prints are inspired by my (interior and exterior) travels and my favorite place/biggest love: the ocean. 

Let me introduce you to "Love letter" and "sleepy mermaid": 

Why postcards? 

I decided on printing postcards because I loved the idea of taking my art and sending it around the world. Sharing and spreading the joy that these pictures bring to me. 

Besides that, it was incredibly important to me to find a product that I can get manufactured in Germany as sustainably as possible! Shirts and other items are planed too, but I need to conduct way more research still. For these postcards, I worked together with Die Umweltdruckerei, and I am SO happy with the printer and the quality of the product! I am sure you will love them. I DO! 

Sleepy Mermaid

Love Letter

What are they? 

- hand-illustrated postcards: Love letter postcard & Sleepy mermaid postcard

- Size: DinA5 (perfect for coloring in and hanging on the wall) 

- made to send to a loved one, hang on the wall and/or color in 

- both illustrations are part of a coloring book/poetry collection that is coming out 2020 

- produced/printed in Germany 

- made sustainably by dieUmweltdruckerei 

- Price: 7€ (donation included)

- shipping in the EU: FREE 

- shipping outside the EU: 1,50€ per order 

- Limited edition

How are they made? 

To add value to the product, I did my best to have it produced as sustainably as I could possibly manage: 

- They are made from recyclable and recycled paper 

- Printed with vegan ink, based on plant oils 

- They are produced carbon neutral 

( if you want to read all about the sustainability standards of the printer I used you can click on HERE (only available in german) ) 



At least, with the purchase of these postcards, you are automatically contributing to ocean conservation. 

Every sold postcard means 1$ donated to Oceana - "the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation" (

I am not collaborating with Oceana directly. 

These postcards are a limited edition. 

At the end of every month selling them, I am counting the sold postcards and manually donating the money to Oceana. The receipt will then be published on my instastory and/or on the blog. 

Where can I buy them?

For now, the postcards are only sold in my ETSY shop. 

You can access it directly over Etsy or via my website SHOP 

Why should I buy them? 

I believe you can find your own reasons for why or why not, 

but for my part, I can just tell you: 

It would make me incredibly happy to see some of my art under your Christmas trees, on walls and colored in in your hands and homes. ( TAG ME! #Paulinelapetitecreates

I wholeheartedly can say that I made these postcards with best intentions and so much love. I have really tried to keep our climate, planet, and the big blue ocean in mind when creating this product, to bring something in the world that is not just focused on consumption but also giving back! 

These postcards are not just items to support me as an independent artist but also a way to collect an amount of money for ocean conservation that I could not afford to donate only by myself. 

Let's collect together and enjoy those little magical pieces. 

I hope you love them as much as I do!

 Let me know what you think! 

Thank you for following my journey and all the lovely support up until here. 

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email to

or send me a message on facebook or Instagram.  


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