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I graduated! BFA

After four years of reading, writing, analyzing, and more writing, I graduated fromThe South Gate School of Creative Writing in Denmark with honors (hehe) and completed my BFA in Creative Writing.

I graduated from the best University I could have ever asked for!

Thank you, The South Gate school, Leanne Christiane, Trine, and Alicia, for these four years, for all your time and energy, and all the great advice and support!

I am looking forward to watching you succeed in the near future!🧡

It feels a little bit surreal.

For four years, going to classes (physically and then virtually) was one of the only constants in my life.

I felt so lost at times.

So many changes, transitions, and moves happened during these four years. Despite the craziness of my life, I managed to pull through and follow my goal to graduate with honors and get this BFA… It makes me feel proud of myself.

However, most of all, I feel grateful for the incredible support, community, and advice I got during these four years. I feel thankful for everybody that has inspired, challenged, and supported me during this time.

Now, „real life“ starts… I am anxious but excited.

Let’s get started. 🤟🏽❤️

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