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Chiemgau Trail Run - My First Half Marathon

Aktualisiert: 3. Apr. 2022

Chiemgau Trail Run - 21km, 1300hm

Wow… What an experience!

About five weeks ago, on the train from Trieste to Venice, I randomly decided to sign up for a half marathon trail run race…little did I know that the half marathon I chose was part of the Salomon World Cup Series "Golden Trail Series"….Oh, well.

The week before the race, I felt extremely nervous, doubting my body and myself.

"Can I even run that far and that high?"

Well…it turned out:


It was tough- physically, and mentally- but I am grateful for the experience of having run this race.

During the race, I kept thinking about how proud I am of my body for letting me be part of this, running through mountains, up trails, and down steep roads in the mountains I grew up close by.

Trailrunning has already challenged me in so many ways during the last months, and keeps challenging me… I am curious to see where it is going to take me.


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