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22 things I learned in 22 years

originally published March 5, 2019

I have uploaded this format of post on my Birthday the past  years, to keep the tradition I thought I would continue doing it. Here are 22 things I learned in 22 years: 


2. Happiness is a daily choice.

3. Every challenge keeps a lesson because life happens FOR you NOT TO you.

 4. Sleeping, water, sun, and fresh air can fix a lot.

5. Don’t be scared of failing. Failing is only a detour on your right path and a catalyst for growth.

6. Your dreams are a reality as long as you believe them to be true.

7. The ability to change is life. Always changing means being alive. As soon as you accept that everything in life is uncertain, you can relax and thrive.

8. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else.

9. You don't have to please anyone but yourself.

10. Your gut feeling always knows best. 

11. Your worth can't be measured by anything materialistic.

12. Gratitude makes wonders happen.

13. Always reevaluate your morals and decisions to stay true to yourself; be open!

14. You will attract what you send out. Therefore ->

15. Thoughts are powerful, choose them wisely.

16. When you have found home and peace within yourself, it doesn't matter what happens in the outside world.

 17. Nature and silence are a healing source.

18. You can't fix or save other people - only yourself.

19. everything happens for a reason.

20. Having strict rituals and routines to align your physical and mental state with what you stand for is vital for a happy, healthy and successful life.

21. Live and let live - We all have a different reality. Be acceptant and open because then all of a sudden everybody becomes your teacher, in one way or another and you can benefit from it.

22. You are exactly where you need to be - always.

Happy birthday to me... haha XX love you lots 



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