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My Morning routine

originally published December 14, 2017

I have been a morning person my whole life I guess. Even as a child I can remember how I woke up when everyone else was still hugged into their dreams when the world was still silent, and the sun just gently started to tickle away the small drops of water from the grass in the garden. That was the time when I was walking around the neighborhood singing to myself. 

Little did I know how genuinely sacred that time of the day would remain in my life. 

But it is not only special to me. The early hours of the day are blessed with a certain high vibration. 

Really advanced spiritual practitioners are awake before 6 am because its the time of the highest vibration.

For me it feels like every morning when we wake up we are born new. 

We are entering this world from the dreamworld we remained in, or a deep sleep of rejuvenation. 

Especially during my yoga teacher training, I learned to enjoy a set routine in the morning without talking or social media to simply ground myself and take my time to arrive in my body and set an intention for the day. 

The mood, energy and intention you start your day with will flow through your whole morning…day…week…month…life. 

To be able to follow my true path and to feel embodied in myself I really like to take time and appreciate my morning. 

I used to be a little bit more all over the place with my „routine.“ Because I knew that there is always fluctuation and things changing I didn't see a point in structuring it. But after falling off my rituals for about a week and noticing how negatively it affected me and reading Allie Michelle and Raquel mantras blog post about morning routines, I started giving my morning a little bit more structure and have to admit that I really LOVE it. Now I immediately feel how my day is different if I didn't take the time for myself to embody my intentions. 

I like to differentiate between :

Most morning/ Energetic mornings 

Busy Mornings 

Low energy mornings 

Each routine has its points which I try to incorporate all, but I also like to keep it flexible. I switch things around; sometimes I prefer to write before I read or do meditation before yoga, or something like that. 

Besides that, I believe that listening to your own body is always more important than a structure your mind created. Even if it is made with the best intentions possible, sometimes your body or mind asks for something entirely different. So with every morning, or in general everything, I always try to listen first. The more you listen, the easier it gets to find the difference between you want to push yourself and get yourself going with a little bit of willpower, or you truly need to rest and go with what you feel like. 

Ok, long story… Let's get into the actual routines. 

As I find it quite interesting to see to my routine, I thought it would be beneficial to share my own for some guidelines, inspirations, etc. 

Most mornings: 

- Wake up between 6:30-7:30 

- Take a moment to feel and set energetical or rational intention for the day 

- Brush my teeth, scrape my tongue, flush my nose, wash my face 

- Drink water with lemon or apple cider and take my probiotics and spirulina

- Make tea and coffee 

- Read at least one page of an inspirational book and journal 

- ( go for a walk or run) 

- 5-10 minutes udiyana bandha ( more about it here) 

- Self-practice yoga (+ abs) between 15min - 1h depending on if I went for a run or not, energy levels + time 

- Gratitude meditation 5-20 minutes 

- Sometimes I am inspired to write a poem or journal again ( often I feel like posting something inspirational on Instagram or have an idea for my blog) 

- If I have the chances, I ALWAYS go for a swim/float in the ocean 

- Breakfast ( preferably papaya, green smoothie and/or oatmeal) 

Busy mornings:

- Wake up at least 1-1,5h before I have to leave the house 

- Take a moment to feel and set an intention 

- Do my mouth, nose and face cleansing 

- Drink water and take supplements 

- Make coffee 

- (journal if there is time, usually a quick gratitude list) 

- 10-30 minutes yoga (including pranayama, abs and short meditation)

- Quick breakfast (smoothie, and pack the rest for later) 

Low energy mornings: 

- Wake up when my body feels ready 

- Wake up slowly and set an intention 

- Make coffee and tea 

- Have breakfast 

- Read and journal ( maybe in bed) as long as I want 

- Go for a walk or doing some yin yoga/stretching 

- Meditation for as long as I want 

- If its possible go for a swim or just rest and read or listen to podcasts, also like to have some research or writing   time on my laptop 

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration to start your very own morning routine and notice the benefits it will have on your WHOLE day… WHOLE life. 

sending so much sun and love from Oahu 




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