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MY INSPIRATION - LIST // BOOKS, PODCASTS, MOVIES..... (mit deutschen Titeln und Links)

originally published 28 March 2018

As most of you probably already know by now... I kind of am a knowledge-junkie. I

love the feeling of learning a new skill, new information anything that expands my consciousness and enriches my life in any kind of way.

Because of that I always, always have been on the hunt for inspirational books, podcasts, music, art, people .....whatever it may be. 

I believe a learning mind as a growing mind, and that is what keeps us evolving, young and alive...

So, that's why I decided to share my favorite inspiration sources with you.

If you have anything which you feel like is worth to be shared, please let me know.

I would love to know what you guys read, watch and listen to. 

BOOKS ( self-help) 

- Non-violent communication by Marshall B rosenberg  - EN HERE 

- Gewaltfreie Kommunikation - eine Sprache des Lebens  - DE HERE 

A book about the art of communication,

in my opinion a source of information that can change your whole daily life with some easy tools. 

- The power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle     -  EN HERE  -

- Jetzt von Eckhart Tolle     -  DE HERE -  - HÖRBUCH DEUTSCH KOSTENLOS HERE - 


- A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle - EN HERE -  

- Eine neue Erde von Eckhart Tolle  - DE HERE

Well, probably the most valuable and important spiritual and psychological literature which is out there.

Eckhart Tolle is one of the greatest humans still alive on this planet, in my opinion.

He has the talent to bring the most complex and true perception of life, presence and the universe onto paper in such a simple form that anyone can understand. These books can be reread a million times and you will still learn from them every single time. ( At the moment I am reading "the power of now" the third time and it is as if I am reading it the first time again) 

- The five love languages - Gary chapman   - EN HERE

- Die fünf Liebessprachen - DE HERE

Really simple but such a helpful concept of understanding different ways of spreading or receiving love in ANY kind of relationship.

Since I read this book when I was 17 it is so much easier for me to understand people, to make them feel appreciated and also to understand when somebody is showing me their love even when their "love language" isn't the same as mine. 

Highly recommend this one especially when you are in a relationship ! 

- Unthetered soul -  michael A singer  - EN HERE

- Die Seele will frei sein - Michael Singer  - DE HERE

Probably my FAVORITE Book of all time.

Whoever asks me for a helping, eye - opening, amazing and life changing piece of literature THIS is my first recommendation.

I absolutely love how the author starts from the total basics, explaining how our mind works and taking you with him into the subtle and complex world of understanding how we and the universe work and create our own reality. 

- A millionaire morning by lewis howes - FREE EN HERE

- The way of  iceman  - Wim Hof  - EN HERE

- Die Kraft der Kälte - Wim Hof - DE HERE -

A book by the highly inspiring man Wim Hof, who walked the himalayas in board shorts and all sorts of crazy things, because he mastered controlling the functions of his body by specific breathing techniques.

amazon: " Science has now proved that the legendary Wim Hof Method of breath control and cold-training can dramatically enhance energy levels, improve circulation, reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen the body and successfully combat many diseases. While Wim Hof himself has run marathons in -30 C in shorts, swum hundreds of meters under the ice, sat in a tank of ice for 90 minutes without his core temperature changing and boosted his metabolism by over 300%, The Way of The Iceman documents how anyone can use Wim’s methods to transform their health and strength, quickly and safely."

- The secret ( law of attraction)  by  Rhonda Byrne  - EN HERE

- Das Geheimnis ( Gesetz der Anziehung) von Rhonda Byrne - DE HERE

The most popular and first ( I think) book about the law of attraction and how you can create your own reality by bringing yourself into a certain state and vibration to simply attract into your life ANYTHING you want. 

-> there is a movie too

( I personally think both are a bit too much and too hocus-pocus in parts but It explains the deal very well) 


- Pinterest !!!!!!

I LOOOOOVVVEEE PINTEREST and especially poetry by  

" e.h" (Erin hanson) HERE


-  Beau Taplin HERE

- a collection of truly magical and incredible poems,

 don't leave the house without it atm. 

raw, soulful, authentic poetry which really gets the mindset and emotions of our generation in my opinion. 

- The physician - Noah Gordon - EN HERE

- Der Medicus - Noah Gordon  - DE HERE

-> one of my all time favorite books and movies 

- Siddharta  - Hermann Hesse  - EN HERE -    - DE HERE

the most beautiful story of a indian boy who grows to a man and how he reaches enlightenment through different journeys and paths in his life.

MY FAVORIT Novel! I have read is so many times and every time hermann hesse makes me fall in love with the way he uses language - in german and english! 


Since Hawaii I discovered my LOVE for podcasts. It is so easy to get great knowledge, motivation and inspiration while driving, walking, running, cleaning or doing whatever ! 

the school of greatness by lewis howes 

- LOVE IT. a great diversity of thought leaders, celebrities and inspirational business people share their wisdom and tell about all different kinds of ideas and views. Perfect for people who want to built a business, need more motivation to get going and are interested in self development and spirituality. 

- Your own magic by allie michelle & raquelle mantra 

A really beautiful podcast hosted by two young women who are poets and alchemists of life living in hawaii.  spiritual and feminine and magical - I would describe it . Perfect for people who want to know more about what is out there in the conscious community... numerology, crystals, psychic readings, astrology and all that good stuff. 

Kiwi brain  by Jim Kwik 

I really like this one because Jim kiwk has an incredible talent to transpher extremely valuable knowledge like memorie improvement, speed reading etc. in an easy and short way.

The episodes are fairly short but I mostly listen to them actively and take notes because they are packed with goodies.  


- The rice/ water crystal experiment:

an experiment which shows how we can manipulate and transform the structure of molecules by out thoughts and words... think about how much power you can have on your life by controlling what you think and say.. or maybe you want to start thinking about giving your food intentions. 

- Really good series about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION



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