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Moving and manifesting

originally publsihed August 16, 2018

Sometimes there are these moments when I realize how crazy and fabulous life actually is.

I feel so fortunate being able to be born into this life

but also I knew and experienced that everything can be possible for everybody as soon as you start believing it.

When I was 13, I visited Barcelona and decided that I wanted to move there and attend dance academy.

5 years later I lived in Barcelona and got into this particular academy.

When I was 16, I remember sitting on the beach in France and saying to my friends

"one day I want to go to Australia."

With 19 I moved to Sydney and lived there for several months - I had some of the best times of my life there.

One day in Sydney I felt this incredible pull to go to Hawaii and not even one year later I found myself living in different places all over Oahu.

And I also remember, after the time in Barcelona I visited my best friend in Copenhagen and telling here: "one day I am going to move to Denmark to stay there a while" .... well there are 6 days left until I am moving there to study at my university of dreams.

I am not telling you all of you that to brag,

I am not from a wealthy family.

I am not special.

I am not any different to anybody

I am just crazy and brave enough to believe that anything is possible,

to find in my dreams

and to believe in me.

I am so ready for this new chapter.

I am ready to study hard and learn a lot.

I am ready to settle for a while and pour all my energy into learning to love myself and create the most beautiful art and message I can possibly create to share more again. 

. I am ready to create a voice for myself and the world, to become a writer,

a speaker,

a lover,

a woman,

a helper,

An artist ... whatever I might be to fulfill my purpose.

Cheers to me and you

because you have the same power to create anything you want.

Thank you for everybody who crossed my path and any support I ever got x


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