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originally published May 8, 2018

Hello again

It has been a while since I last posted on the blog... 

I got lost in the moment, sucked up in presence, immersed in nature and by experiences and emotions I have never felt before.

 I just was.. and I did let myself be, without feeling pressured to post or write or do anything else than enjoying the moments I got to experience.

I realized something really important... sometimes the most creative, and "productive" time is the time we allow ourselves to do NOTHING and just BE. for a very long time I never allowed myself a time like that and I noticed how there never was a chance to replenish and refresh my mind when I constantly feel the pressure to create and produce. I was emptying my cup more and more and kept running on a half full tank. 

I don't want to encourage being selfish but it is extremely important and selfless in a way to take care of yourself first, so you are able to show up to the world and serve in your most empowered, authentic, real, beautiful, bright way.  

you can only pour from a full cup. 

So this is a little coming-back-hello-again-post and reminder that it is ok to take some time off for yourself, regardless of wether it is from a relationship, job, hobby or something totally different. 

you first have to nourish your soul and body before you can give to others. 

at the end of the day the most important person in your life, is yourself. 

only when you are healthy, radiant and happy you can bring that into the world and make it a better place



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