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Celebrate yourself !

originally published September 24, 2018

Let's talk about doing with your body and life what YOU want and loving it. 

I have this thing with cloths...... I just never liked wearing them... I am totally fine with it. I guess everybody has another subject they might be similar or different to other people. 

Let's embrace that and celebrate our perks and weird habits. 

So, happy celebrating yourself! Regardless of whether that means reading a good book, running around without clothes, speaking your truth, standing up for your self, spreading love and kindness or whatever your take on it is. I have taken a day for myself to write and read, to do yoga and be with myself and discover myself as a woman, a human and a soul who is having a human experience.

We are free. The feminine energy is rising to heal this planet.

Let's turn this world upside down.


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