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Black Lives Matter Munich

I was born white.

I can not understand what it has to feel like,

to be discriminated against, violated, segregated, and so much more.

But I want to try to understand your pain, your anger, your grief and sadness.

Just as so many men have stood and still stand for my rights as a woman, I want to stand for people of color as a white person.

I acknowledge that I was born with white privilege.

I accept that I can not feel your ancestors' pain.

I acknowledge that I will make mistakes and misunderstand things.

But I want to stand for your freedom, your rights, your peace.

I want to try to understand.

I want to support.

I want to make you feel heard and seen.

I felt so proud seeing over 20.000 people coming together in Munich to stand together against racism at Königsplatz and to show compassion and that black lives matter.

The Police was peaceful, Corona seemed irrelevant compared to what was present in the eyes and hearts of the people.

As white people it is not enough anymore to just not be racist. We need to be anti-racists, exactly as we need to be anti-homophobes and anti-sexists.

It is time for all the racists, sexists, homophobes and assholes to be scared when they step out in the streets again.

I find it overwhelming considering everything going on in the world nowadays.

I have not figured it out.

I am not perfect in any of this.

I guess it all comes down to listening, learning, and trusting in your intelligence.

I see you.

I feel you.

I hear you.

This needs to stop.


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