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Video - Oahu

originally published November 15, 2017

So much Magic happened the last weeks and today ... I have no words.  So I guess I am just going to quote my beautiful friend and let you enjoy these tiny snippets of our adventure. 

"We are tired and awake simultaneously from all the input we are receiving, and hungry for more whilst digesting the magic this island is feeding us.Two weeks on Oahu flew by so fast.Most of it, only our eyes saw and our hearts felt, but we were able to capture some of the beauty and special moments on camera.Tomorrow, the big island is calling for the next adventure! Thank you Oahu for putting a glow into our eyes. MAHALO" 

We lost our hearts in liquid gold,

Flowing through our veins.

The love around us entering souls,

And guiding us so safe.

Whatever we were asking for

Kept flying into our lives,

And we gave back with all we could,

Sending shining vibes.

There are no words to touch this magic.

No poem could ever hold this love.

Only hearts know what did happen,

And what this place still holds for us. 

- PlP


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