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Chaotic arrival in Sydney (2016)

originally published 14 october 2016

Finally I am telling you about the story of how I arrived in Sydney! 

Well, it was a pretty damn crazy day, which started as the worst ever and then developed to be a seriously good one! 

I arrived in Sydney in the morning. At this time I was up for around 25 hours. I got a train card at the airport and some how made my way to balmain. It was  a little bit tricky without having internet, or a city map but it worked out anyways. So when I arrived at the airbnb which I had booked for the first couple nights - SURPRISE nobody was at home.. 

I checked the description of the room and luckily could find a place where there was supposed to be a key but… SURPRISE there was no key ! Well as I had no internet or simcard I decided to wait.. over an hour. At this point I was pretty lost and didn't know what to do. I tried to ring the host couple times but couldn't reach out to him. So I told myself I had to search for wifi and figure something out. I grabbed all my stuff and left the hall way. I walked to a small cafe and I think you could probably tell how close I was to just cry and say „I wanna go home - what am I even doing here?!“ because a father and his daughter who were sitting in the cafe came over to me and were so extremely nice ! They asked me if I am searching for something etc. I told them my story and they just immediately offered me to come with them until I can contact the host. Well I listened to my tummy because he told me that these people have the heart at the right place and I am more than grateful l for that !! ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR TUMMY!! The host ended up canceling my airbnb. So I stayed at their  place. They offered me a bed and food. I have NEVER experienced such incredibly friendly and open people ! I can’t get my head around how lucky I am ! So i am just trying to do something good everyday  to say "thank you" to the universe for what happened to me and  just to be grateful. 

I just fell in LOVE with Sydney the first second I realized where I actually AM! It is exactly how I expected it to be and I am in love with the sunny-surfer-hang-lose-happy-healthy-busy-lifestyle which is all around. Especially bondi kissed my soul. So  currently I am desperately trying to find a room to rent, which I can afford for some time and then just settle down for a bit, write my book, surf and swim, drink coffee, probably get a job at some point and be happy before I move on. 


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