Pauline is a creative non-fiction writer and Illustrator. 

She studies creative writing and popular fiction (B.A) at the creative writing school "The South Gate Society" in Denmark. 

Pauline is the founder and owner of the Blog "Pauline la Petite".

Since 2015, she shares her travels, personal journey and Art on the blog. 

Pauline is owner and founder of "Meerwert Illustration". 

A small company selling conscious products like shirts, bags, prints and postcards; sustainable and fair production in Europe. 

Most recent projects: 

Non-fiction self-help novel: 

Currently, Pauline works on an inspirational self-help book for young women.

The book is constructed of vignettes from her own life and experiences and a self-help and inspiration section, as well as a workbook section. 

Colouring book / Poetry collection:

Currently, Pauline works on a colouring book with her illustrations and poetry themed by travel, stars and the ocean. 

On her Social media you can always stay up to date, when products are released. 

@Paulinelapetite & @Meerwert.illustration 

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